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How to plan your wedding during lockdown

These are certainly strange times we’re living through. So many parts of our lives are currently on hold - but that doesn’t mean your wedding plans need to be too!

If you’re newly engaged, or just getting some initial plans in place, then we’d recommend using ‘lockdown’ time to reach out to venues and suppliers and gather as much information as you can.  Whilst you may not be able to meet with people face to face at the moment, many will be happy to chat over the phone or via facetime and will be able to send you plenty of photos and videos. With many spring 2020 weddings having to postpone, key dates for the coming years are at premium demand and so it’s worth spending your time to compose a list of places you want to visit when ‘lockdown’ is over – that way you’re ready to jump into action as soon as your able to safely do so.

If you’ve already booked your venues and suppliers, then do keep in touch with them.  There may be plenty of plans that can be put into place without having to meet up in person, and they may have some great inspiration to really get you thinking and planning.

Take the time to think through the more personal touches.  These are often left to the end of planning, but are perfect jobs to tick off during lockdown, as they often do not include suppliers, but rather some DIY.  Maybe you want to create your own stationary or start thinking about which pieces of grandma’s jewellery you want to wear on your special day.

What a great time to prepare for marriage!  A wedding isn’t just about one day, it’s about the rest of your lives together and there is nothing like being in lockdown with someone to test the next 60 years.  Spend time getting to know each other again and make sure you’re making some nice memories together during these strange and uncertain times.

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19, then you may find your wedding day is suddenly going to fall in a different season to one you had first planned.  Rather than worrying about this, why not embrace it with new ideas and options, perhaps not available to you earlier in the year.  We reached out to some of our favourite suppliers to give their top tips, and here is what they have to say...

Flowers: By Brackens of Bowness -

“If you are having to postpone your wedding from Spring/Summer to the Autumn/Winter don't fret - there are loads of options still available from a floral perspective. Spring and Summer have an abundance in choice of seasonal flowers, but so do Autumn and Winter. Autumn brings with it a wonderful selection of two-tone hydrangea, dahlia, nerines, aster to name a few, but also, more importantly, a fantastic selection of foliage, from late flowering eucalyptus, pink snowberry, grasses, beech and many more. Autumn does not just mean reds and orange, beautiful rich tones of aubergine, raspberry, plum and maroon are also wonderful at this time of year. Even if your colour scheme may have been soft pastel shades to suit a Spring wedding, you could now introduce little elements of a rich tone to suit your new season. These little tweaks to your original plan will transform your wedding from one season to another.

Re-evaluate your day in terms of styling your venue. The plans for how your day will proceed will inevitably alter due to the change in season. You will be indoors a little more than originally planned so take that into account. Decorate specific areas to suit certain parts of the day, for example, make more of a statement of your welcome and order of the day signs, as this is where guests will congregate before and after the wedding ceremony. Candles, without doubt, will change the aesthetic of a room, they add a sense of warmth and romance, ideal for dressing your wedding breakfast tables. Incorporate them into your floral decorations to add that twinkle for when the room is revealed to your guests.”

The Dress: By Julia Tasker Bridal -

“If you have collected your dress from your bridal boutique prior to 'lockdown', your dress will need to be kept in tip-top condition. I'd advise packing your dress in a wedding dress box specially made for preserving and safely storing your dress in. Speak to the bridal boutique where you purchased your dress for advice on what size of dress box to purchase. It’s best to purchase a box which is made from pH neutral board, including the tissue, as this will prevent any item inside from yellowing or discolouring. Having your dress in a box will also resist the temptation to try it on. The last thing you would want is for your beautiful dress to be marked with make-up or dirty fingers ahead of your big day! So no peaking... keep your precious possession in the box.

Make sure your bridal boutique knows of your new wedding date. The effects of the pandemic mean that the end of 2020 and early 2021 is going to be busy for brides and bridal boutiques. If you haven't already had your dress fitted and altered, it would be a good idea to have your dress fitting dates booked in. Planning ahead and having your dress fitting dates in place will keep you excited about your wedding day, as well as giving you something extra to look forward too, particularly if you're feeling a little in 'limbo'."

Evening Entertainment: By DJ Gary Mills -

“Imagine throwing the best Christmas party ever that your guests will talk about for years to come. One of the hardest parts about being a Wedding DJ/ Entertainer is creating that perfect party atmosphere to compliment one of the biggest celebrations of your lives. In the summer months it can be a little tricky as you are constantly tackling the heat and the bright summer nights - your guests come and go during the night and are sometimes reluctant to join in with the fun on the dance-floor.

However, that all changes for a Winter/Christmas wedding! The atmosphere in the room is usually electric straight from the very first song play, I mean, who does not like a good Christmas party! I have the added bonus of throwing in some Christmas floor fillers that you and your guests know during the evening - not too many, but enough to maintain the Christmas party atmosphere and, more importantly, keep the dance-floor busy! My personal favourite time of year to be involved with weddings has to be Winter/Christmas time.”

And most importantly, remember, #LoveIsNotCancelled

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