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Make your original wedding date special from the comfort of home

So many couples around the world have had to postpone their wedding dates, including some of our lovely couples here at The Belsfield, and it really is heartbreaking.  But, it's important to remember that you WILL eventually get to celebrate your big day, with all your loved ones, and it will be all the more special when it happens!

With this in mind, there is the question of what to do with your original wedding date. Some may choose to ignore it completely and focus on the new date, however Heather, our Wedding Manager at The Belsfield, has put together some suggestions for those wanting to mark it in some way, especially when going out to your favourite restaurant isn’t an option. We’d love to hear your ideas too…

  • Have a duvet day –  order your favourite takeaway, snuggle up and watch your favourite film. Turn off your phones and the outside world and spend the day just the two of you.
  • Get all dressed up and have a date night at home - the perfect excuse to pop open a bottle of champagne.
  • If the weather is nice, go out for a walk or have a BBQ in the garden.
  • Make a playlist of your favourite songs and have a boogie in the front room - maybe one of these could become your first dance song!?
  • Read your vows to each other.
  • Have a Zoom call with your bridal party.
  • Get the groom to draw what he thinks your wedding dress will be like and put it away in an envelope ready to be opened again on the big day (could draw some extra laughs at the end of your speeches).

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to feel on this date. You may feel the need to speak with your parents, your best friend, or even hide away from everyone. Mark the day however feels right for YOU and, most importantly, remember that your love for each other hasn't been postponed - that will always remain the most important part of any wedding.

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